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Southern Ontario’s Mobile Pressure Washing Experts

We help you maintain the cleanliness and safety of your facilities and fleets so that your brand looks its best!

Your Fleet Vehicles Are Rolling Billboards

Ever ask a customer how they found you and find them saying, “I’ve seen your trucks.” Make sure your fleet looks its best with our mobile fleet washing services.

Keep Your Business Looking Its Best

Whether you’re a building owner or property manager, contact us for commercial pressure washing services in Southern Ontario.

Clean Heavy Equipment is Happy Heavy Equipment

Ensure your heavy equipment is kept clean to maximize safety and efficiency. We come to you!

Commercial, Industrial, and Fleet Washing Services in Southwestern Ontario

For over 30 years, the team at Expert Mobile Wash Ltd. has been providing professional industrial cleaning across Burlington for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Whether you have a small or big fleet of trucks, construction equipment, or old machinery items that need to be cleaned, rely on us. As the largest pressure washing business in the area, we have established teams that know what they’re doing and can accommodate big and small jobs. We can even remove the toughest stains using degreasing, power washing, and soda blasting techniques. There’s no job our team can’t tackle!

24-Hour Mobile Service

For our customer’s convenience, we provide a mobile service. When you book our team for a job, they’ll arrive on the scene promptly. Instead of using cold water, which is less efficient for cleaning, we have a fleet of fully equipped trucks loaded with fresh, hot water to ensure that your trucks or machinery come out sparkling clean. In all of the jobs that we carry out, we take care to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Remember, no matter what time of the day or night you need our team, we won’t let you down. We operate a 24-hour service.

Competitive Pricing

Since day one, we have built our family business reputation upon dependable, quality service and competitive pricing. We believe this is one of the reasons why we have so many loyal, long-standing customers.

Because of our well-known efficiency and reliability, we also tend to get a lot of referrals to clean heavy equipment and thousands of trucks

Every member of our team brings years of experience to their role, and all of our employees are CSE-trained. Call us for a free estimate or more information today.


  • Commercial and industrial pressure washing
  • Fleet washing services
  • Heavy equipment cleaning

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