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Don’t Let a Mess Hurt Your Business Look

Get rid of any messy situations with our expert cleaning services.

Cleaning All Tough Surfaces with Soda Blasting in Hamilton

Looking for a powerful, non-destructive cleaning method that will get rid of those hard-to-remove contaminants from your items? Then, look no further! Expert Mobile Wash Ltd. has just the method with our soda blasting around Hamilton.

Our soda blasting typically involves the use of compressed air to deliver baking soda onto the contaminated surface in question. The combination of the two forms a cleaning solution like sand blasting without the abrasiveness that can unintentionally scratch surfaces.

We can even use soda blasting on glass, rubber, polished stainless steel, and chrome materials!

Soda Blasting Applications

The most common applications for soda blasting include:

  • Cleaning industrial equipment, such as pumps, machines, motors, conveyor belts, and hydraulic shafts
  • Cleaning and descaling aircraft engine and landing gear components
  • Metal stripping
  • Removing paint, undercoating, and seam sealers on vehicles
  • Removing paint from the underside of watercrafts
  • Removing paint and coats from carbon fibre products

If you need to clean away grease, oil, or other contaminants from your items, call Expert Mobile Wash Ltd. about soda blasting today!

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